Nicholas “N.” Pendleton lives and draws in the Middle West of the United States of America. He does not draw full time but he does take commissions and assignments. He’s not too bad a guy; he’s a family man with a pretty good sense of humor. He likes to read books and study comics, watch movies, listen to podcasts, write, and more often than not draw. He co-published a graphic novel all the way back in 2000, and sometimes he thinks it was kind of brilliant and other times he’s embarrassed of it and would just as soon disown the thing.  It’s called Super Grape: Going Nowhere in a Big Way.  He is currently working on Feral Boy and Gilgamesh at the End of the World, which has taken the form of a newspaper strip (Series 1), a coloring and activity book (Series 2), and a jazz-blues fusion graphic novel/illustrated novel (Series 3).  He’s enjoying this project immensely. The numerology of his life is 23, 202, 303, and his favorite year of all time is 1982. He can be reached via email at museionart (at) gmail (dot) com, and is usually quick to respond to your comments and queries. He is keeping this visual blog of his work as simple as possible, hoping to the let work speak for itself. One of his most disturbing quirks is that he will write long winded online bios in the third person for no reason whatsoever…

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