“Before Grayskull,” 2014

My painting for the July 11, 2014 TOON’D IN “GRAYSKULL POWERED!” art show contribution. 17″x11″, gouache and watercolor on illustration board.

Before He-Man and Skeletor, before the Ancients constructed Castle Grayskull, even before the very formation of the planet Eternia itself, there was the Universal Void. The Original Hero, a barbaric Cosmic Enforcer, destroyed the vile beast Skeletonne with the Power Spear and scattered its evil essence throughout the cosmos. As the Original Hero passed his mantle on to the line of heroes that would eventually spawn He-Man, Skeletonne’s dispersed life force coalesced and possessed the dark magik object known as the Havoc Staff…


Original art on sale July 11, 2014 at 7:00 pm CST. $60.00 + shipping. In-person offers given first consideration.

Prints will be made available upon request.